Grandma’s recipe – BEEF NOODLES!


Food CV

Name: Chinese beef noodles

Born: decades ago

Taste: Slightly spicy

Main Ingredients: Beef, carrots, coriander, Chinese noodles.

Other Ingredients: Garlic, ginger, star anise, onions, sugar, and salt.

Key spice: Chili bean sauce – typically from Sichuan province, China.

Experience: Few decades in the food industry and beloved by many people.

Time: preparation time – 20 to 30 mins

cooking time – 2-3 hrs

eating time – 15mins

Personal value: I am super tasty and people will always love me!

Now, if you are interested in cooking me, please leave me a comment sincerely, then I will decide whether I want to give you more details or not. Otherwise, feel free to google it because there are thousands of similar noodles recipes are waiting for you. Or with my CV above, you probably can figure out sometime yourself. As for mine, I need to find the suitable person to give to.

It is a busy world, even food has right to choose.




I remember my father used to tell me that – Don’t play with your food! He was a soldier and he learned the way to discipline himself and so as treating his food. But most of the parents will gradually loose the control of how their children treat food. Like I mentioned at the beginning,  my grandma used to say “Back to the past, food was gold. You will never have enough food, so you have to appreciate everything you can eat, even that means grass roots, even that means a pinch of salt.” My father maybe told me not to play with my food many times when I was young, but I do remember sometimes he would ignore my waste of food just because I was happy, such as throwing my birthday cake on my cousin’s face. However, it isn’t all right for me when I look back to it. If we want to have less leftover, then we have to start to have the mindset of wasting no food. If we want our children to waste no food, then we have to always make sure they understand the importance of not wasting food. No matter where are we, who are we with, there is no shame of finishing food and not to waste any.

Once I watched a video. A very ordinary middle aged man walked into a dumpling restaurant. He was about to have some dumplings. So he sat down and started to check the menu. Behind him, there was a couple having two big plates of dumplings. They don’t seem like the food very much because they left a lot. The man saw that, he took another pair of clean chopsticks, poured some new sauce on a new plate, and finished them all. The staff from the restaurant have been judging him when the moment he started to eat other people’s leftover. “Look at him, is he a beggar? So cheap! Eating other people’s leftover.” He did not care and still finished everything. After he finished eating, he walked to the reception and paid 100 RMB, for the leftover from other people! A normal plate will be around 15RMB, but he paid 100 RMB. The money shut the people in the restaurant up and taught them a great lesson. If you don’t care about food, it doesn’t mean others don’t. If you don’t want to change, at least don’t judge! Sometimes I am also afraid of people judging me because I eat other people’s leftover. I could not act as calm as the man I saw in the video. But I always pack my leftover in restaurant if I can’t finish it.

LEFT,OVER. shares a spirit of appreciating food and a mindset of wasting no food. No one should play with food. So if you used to play with food or the people around you like to do so, please remind them how precious food is. It is not just about money, it is about an attitude – How you treat food. So I have some kind reminders that you can share with your love ones in order to change their bad habits.

Don’t play with your food!

Don’t need to finish it now, you can do it later.

Don’t worry, we can pack the rest and bring it home.

Don’t think too much, simple, healthy, and leave no leftover!


For the food lovers, I will share the traditional noodle recipe in the next blog. Hope you will like it! Thank you for supporting LEFT,OVER. project. I also hope you have been doing better and better in your daily life. Share some amazing experience with me if you have got any.


Bobo’s recipe – Sprouts with grilled sausage, and couscous!

Previously, I mentioned this meal in LEFT,OVER. Project Chapter 3 – LEFT,OVER.  It is a simple meal for me, so I hope it will be easy for you to cook too.

The preparation for the meal:

  • 1 bag of sprouts
  • 1 grillworst
  • Half of the pepper
  • Some spring onions
  • Some onions
  • Some garlic
  • Some round pepper
  • Some chilli
  • 250 g couscous
  • Some olive oil
  • Some salt
  • A piece of lime or lemon
  • One sugar cube
  • Some  raisins

R3 - Pp.png








Step one: add some olive oil into a big pan, wait until it gets hot. Then add in the lower left  plate ingredients (Spring onions, onions, pepper, garlic, chilli, and round pepper) into the oil. It might be very smoky, so keep your window open.

Step two: add the sausages in, fry it for a while. Add some water if it is a little burning. But not too much water. You need to let the fat of the sausage come out as well.

Step three: add the sprouts and mix with the other ingredients in the pan well. Now add some boiled water, cover the food and let it boil.

Step four: grab another pan, add some olive oil and salt, and pull the couscous into the pan. Mix  it well with the oil and let it cook for 30 seconds, then add some boiled water. (the water and couscous is around 2:1 ) Now turn the fire into the smallest, put on the lid, let it cook for few minutes. Taste the couscous and see if it is the suitable texture you want. Add a little bit more water if you want it to be softer, if not them turn off the fire, put back the lid, leave it aside for later on.

Step five: Now your sprouts should get softer, add some salt, some lime juice, and the sugar cube and let the water boil out. When you see the sauce becomes little thicker, turn off the fire, and your food is ready to be served.

R3 - Sprouts and sausage.png

Don’t leave any leftover!

Enjoy your meal!

Please also support LEFT,OVER. Project by sharing the ideas with your friends and families. So we can try to waste less food and create less pollution to earth. You can share my blogs or even create your own posts. As long as you are trying to deliver the project concept to more and more people, it is always appreciated!

Grandma’s recipe – LOTUS ROOTS AND RIBS SOUP

Winter is coming! One of the best winter soups in my life is Lotus roots and ribs soup. It was one of the best dishes that grandma could make to please my stomach. As I mentioned at the beginning of my LEFT, OVER. Project, my grandmother was part of the inspiration for the project. Unfortunately, she will be not able to cook this lovely dish for me again because she passed away a year ago. It is a promise that I will share some recipes to thank for my project supporters and there are a lot of people have been waiting for my great recipes. Even though it is a little bit painful to review her recipes again. I will still be happy to share this with you.

……Suddenly, there is an image appeared in my head, which she was repeating all the details to me about this recipe.  So let’s have a look how to make some nice, simple and healthy soup.

This soup will consume a lot of time of yours, so choose a day when you can focus on making a healthy meal for yourself and your love ones.

The preparation of the materials is simple. All you need is:

  • A big soup pot with lid
  • Some  water (Normally fill in 2/3 of the soup pot you use)
  • Some Lotus (The proportion of the lotus and the ribs you are going to use is 1:1. You can get this vegetable in the Asian supermarket such as The Oriental in The Netherlands.)
  • Some ribs, 1kg is enough for two-four people. (Normally we use pork ribs, and you can get them in the supermarket, such as Albert Heijn. But you can also use Lamb if you don’t like pork. Walk to the butcher and get some nice and cheap ribs. Don’t forget to ask the butcher to cut the ribs into 2-3cm long pieces.)
  • Some ginger (Egg size big will be enough)
  • Some Spring onions (You will get a bunch of them in the supermarket, but don’t use everything. you only need some of them as the final touch of your soup.)
  • Some salt.
  • If you like spicy taste, you can also prepare some chilli powder, some soy sauce, and some sesame oil for the source. (Soy sauce and sesame oil can also be used for the noodles recipes, so you will not just use for once. In fact, if you like the sauce in this recipe, you can always use it for any food you like.)

Now let’s start to cook!

Step one: Fill in the soup pan with 2/3 amount of water and put on the lid, let it boil. In the meanwhile, you will smash the ginger a bit and add it into the water.

Step two: Wash off the ribs few times until you don’t see much blood on it anymore. When the water is boiled, put the ribs in and wait until it is boiled again.

Tips: The secret of this recipe is here. You will have to use a soup spoon to take away the foams on the top of soup when it is boiled. Those foams contains blood and some unnecessary dirt from the meat, which you don’t want to have it in your soup. Carefully remove all the foams on top the surface, until you can clearly see some fat floating. That means you successfully removed most of the dirt in the soup and now you have clean meat in your pan.

Step three: Add some salt (add some olive oil, if you prefer the soup to be a little bit greasy.), and put on the lid again, use small fire to let it cook, as long as it is boiling.

Step four: Peel the lotus roots and cut them into slices, like 5mm thick is good. Add them into the soup and turn on the fire a little bit so it can boil faster. When it is boiled gain, put back on the lid and turn into small fire to keep it boiling.

Lotus roots

Now, let you soup slowly cooked with the small fire around 1-1.5 hours. Make sure you check it every now and then, stir it a bit, and add some water if you see the food is not covered by the soup. Normally you should keep it around half pot full all the time.

In the meanwhile, you can prepare something else. Wash off the spring onions and chop it into small pieces. Put it into a small bowl for later on.

For the people who wants to have some sauce: Grab a small bowl, add some chilli powder, soy sauce, sesame oil, salt, a little bit sugar, and some spring onions. The most important step is add some original soup, and mix them in the bowl. Then your sauce is ready for the soup.

Last step, the best of part of the cooking is to see your soup is in a nude colour and it smells really fresh. When the meat is tender, then your soup it ready. Sometimes, some of the lotus roots will not be super tender because the harvest season and the soil was not too good. If you are lucky, the lotus roots should be very tender too. Now add some salt and spring onions. You are all ready for this lovely soup. Share it with your love ones!

Some important tips: I love lotus, but is not so easy to digest, so don’t eat too much even if you love it so much. The soup is generally good to improve sleeping quality and your appetite. However, pregnant is not recommended to have it too much according to some Chinese Yin Yang theory.



Sources for the pictures:

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Finally, it is the time for me to explain the big idea behind this project. But I don’t have millionaires as investors or billions of followers on my social media network. All I got is the people who actually cares about the earth and who is willing to use their limited power to contribute to this world. Now, let me walk you through the idea.

Let’s start with the name. Why LEFT,OVER. ?  It started from the leftover issue of our life. For some reasons, we started to create more and more leftovers. I don’t need to look into the big data or figures found by the scientists or other organisations, but just by looking around myself, all the supermarkets, restaurants, colleagues, friends and families, their leftovers can probably buy me a fancy beach house or more. So that day, my friends V and I were driving back to her place. We were brainstorming some ideas for my business. We talked from toilet paper to high-end restaurant, from Airbnb to villa hotels. “There is nothing we can do anymore, everything we need is there. We don’t even get a chance to create things nice. The world is perfect” V said. But I disagreed because I know our world is far from perfect. So I said what about all the leftovers? Does anyone really care about it? I know there are many people have been working on it, but why it is still a big problem in my eyes and why the people around me are still creating more and more leftovers. So I said we should do something with it! “Let’s give it a name to make people remember it easily!” I said. We came up with hundreds names that night in the car. “Wait a second. Just call it LEFT,OVER. With a comma after left and a period after over. So the word gives people actions when they see it and our goal is to make the left over! And it has to be a period at the end because the left must be an end!” I said. This is how the name of this project is created – the brainstorming of two girls in a car on the way back home.


What’s the point of this project? what is the goal? The mission of LEFT,OVER. is simple – To make the left over!  There is no financial eagle in this project but just a nice gesture from myself. People have been working on it and talking about it for a long time regarding food waste. On some level, it is not just about food waste anymore. Because of our crazy consumptions for food and brilliant capitalists, more and more trees were cut down, more and more houses were built up,  more and more restaurants, shopping malls, supermarkets were followed up, more and more food were made and consumed, more and more waste we created and more and more pollutions we made. Can’t  you see it?  The problem is getting severe and our world is getting worse and worse because of us. Saving the world is easy to say than do. If we really care , then we should take some actions now. LEFT,OVER. project is created based on true stories of mine. By sharing people with my experience, saving the world is not so difficult at all. I have been doing it for years and now it just became a habit. I am encouraging more and more people to join me and take some actions. We probably can not stop the rich people to cut down more and more trees and create more and more unnecessary things on this earth, but at least there is something you can do – Start from yourself. To make the left over.

Follow the blogs and interact with people through this project. If you have any good ideas or you know something useful to help us waste less food, please share it and invite your friends and families to join this project, showing some nice gestures and taking some good actions as well! I believe with our efforts, we can change something and make a big difference!

CHAPTER 2 – PART 2 -BONITA’S STORIES – 20 € per week in Paris.

In the first part of this chapter, I mentioned some horrible facts around the world in terms of our waste of food. The enormous numbers are shocking for me. But I did  not start to have the LEFT, OVER. habit after I started this project. Actually, I have been doing it for a long time and I realized no matter where I am, I should always keep doing the same – Save food as much as I can; No waste of food or anything else as much as I can. However, no matter is for me or for anyone, it always takes time for us to get on the right track of doing the right things. Sometimes we need to learn it in the hard way, sometimes we don’t have to if there is a person who can kindly guide you through.

In my grandparents and parents’ ages, they learned in a hard way how to appreciate food because they never had enough before. They know the feelings of starving and hanger. You might want to ask me: did they change because of the better conditions of living in China. I will answer you that only my mum is spoiled so far. She has been always the spoiled on since she was the kid. I tried to convince her by showing her the different me after four years college. I completely amazed her by finishing up  every single plates left on the table a year ago when I visited her in China. She thought I was crazily starving or never had enough food in The Netherlands.”You are gonna throw them away anyway, but I can still have more, so we don’t have to waste it” I said to her. Then I start to tell her all my stories about saving food, make a better planet,etc.

All I have been doing is very simple – Less and less waste, less and less, and better no waste! In 2014, I went to New Zealand, started my exploring trips from this amazing country and with some awesome friends! I was working in a hostel as an intern and living together with other interns from the same hostel in a dorm room. No matter how tired I was, I was always into cooking nice food for everyone, so as other people. We shared food together and we try to eat out the best we can with our little money. I still remember we kept out food bags on the shelf, in a small fridge, and some in the bigger common fridge in the canteen. Every week, when I about to see the bottom  of the food bag, then I know I need some food. Sometime people forgot their stuff in the fridge, we will eat it if it is good but no one claims it. We did not get paid so well as an intern, so saving some money from food did us a big favor. If I cook a big meal for everyone. At the end, I only asked for around 2 NZD each person. You can’t never have a nice meal with 2NZD in Auckland. Even the horrible Kabab next to the hostel was 5 NZD. Most of the time, I cooked for my friends because I love it. By doing so, everybody else saved a lot of time for cooking, saved a lot of money on dinners, and we never waste food because we will finish our left over the next day if there is any. I lived like that for 5 months and I really missed it. The most important thing I learned is sharing food is so wonderful! When I finished my internship, I went Paris for exchange study.

Paris, we all know how crazily expensive it is. I was already unhappy about spending too much money on the accommodations, so I was so nervous before I arrived there. Surprisingly, I found out that I can still manage my grocery expense quite reasonable without wasting any food. My budget for a week was 20 Euros. Every week, more or less it was around that number. You want to know the secret? I ate a lot of homemade crepes! That’s not true! The secret I managed my money is all about balancing. My body consumes a lot of food or you can say I have a huge stomach. If I don’t know how to balance what I need and what I don’t, I will not able to live with 20 euros per week. Sometimes I even share some food with my host families.

After France, I got back to The Netherlands. I raised up my weekly budget to 25 euros since I realized that it was more expensive to live in The Netherlands. Until now, I start to work full-time, my budget raised up to 30 euros because of the extra energy I needed for my work. My closet and fridge shelf will be mostly empty after 5 or 6 days, then I will purchase another grocery round. And on and on, like this. It has been more than two years living with certain grocery budget.

The reasons that why I am doing this is not because I was/am poor. In my eyes, it is a matter of how I discipline myself about food. I do not like to waste food, not even the bread drops or source on my plate. I swipe off the plate until it is all clean. Saved a lot of water to wash it. On some level, I know that I am a tiny person on this earth and I have limited power to influence on the change of the earth. There are many grand projects or big organisations have been encouraging people to do the right thing and help create less waste and pollutions to the earth. I don’t have the power for that. However, what I do know is if I don’t start from myself, no one is going to believe in me. Saving planet is not mission impossible. It should starts from small things, from ourselves, such as wasting no food, no water,and so on.

Whoever reads my blogs or supports the project, please spread the idea of  mine to your friends and families if you think I am doing the right thing. I hope there will be more and more people to participate into this project,start from yourself and start from today.

Today, maybe start with empty your plates and finish the leftover first. You can eat whatever you want, but don’t treat food like junks. Remember food is gold, food is treasure!

Next part, I will be bringing up the concept of the project and the general idea. So you will know how to participate into this project. Again, I appreciate your support and am grateful for your efforts.

We are small, but we can make a big difference together! 



My dearly friends, I have had this idea for years but never had time to write it down and make an actual plan to do it. Recently, I had some inspiring talks with my friend Veerle . I noticed that there is an app and foundation has been established, which might be similar with my idea in some people’s eyes. It is called Wastenofood, is an idea from a 7th grade boy in california and later on supported by ebay. I am glad that The father of Veerle mentioned this to me while I was explaining our ideas to him. Luckily, our idea has a different purpose and it will influence on our life in a different way.

Today is just an introduction chapter for the project. Later on, I would like to explain more about what is our mission, vision, concept and how can we help people achieve the final goals. Anyone can participate in this project, and the more people joining us, the better contribution we can do for the earth.

To end this introduction, I would like to mention one of the greatest woman in my life who had so much impact in my life. I will always respect and love her – My grandmother. She passed a year ago. This project partly was meant for her. She was such a saver and always always tried not to waste anything. A woman was born and grew up during the war, married a guy who is 12 years old than her when she was 16, became a widow with 6 children when she was 38 years old. life told her a great lesson I remember she sometimes said it me “Food is gold. When we didn’t have it, we were desperate to have it. Now, we have so many options, but we treat food as junk. No matter is the way we produce it or use it. God will punish you if don’t finish rice in your bowl!”

Feel free to follow my blog, and I will present you more about the project. You can contribute your power by sharing and encouraging the people around you. Let’s make the Left over!