Grandma’s recipe – BEEF NOODLES!


Food CV

Name: Chinese beef noodles

Born: decades ago

Taste: Slightly spicy

Main Ingredients: Beef, carrots, coriander, Chinese noodles.

Other Ingredients: Garlic, ginger, star anise, onions, sugar, and salt.

Key spice: Chili bean sauce – typically from Sichuan province, China.

Experience: Few decades in the food industry and beloved by many people.

Time: preparation time – 20 to 30 mins

cooking time – 2-3 hrs

eating time – 15mins

Personal value: I am super tasty and people will always love me!

Now, if you are interested in cooking me, please leave me a comment sincerely, then I will decide whether I want to give you more details or not. Otherwise, feel free to google it because there are thousands of similar noodles recipes are waiting for you. Or with my CV above, you probably can figure out sometime yourself. As for mine, I need to find the suitable person to give to.

It is a busy world, even food has right to choose.




I remember my father used to tell me that – Don’t play with your food! He was a soldier and he learned the way to discipline himself and so as treating his food. But most of the parents will gradually loose the control of how their children treat food. Like I mentioned at the beginning, ┬ámy grandma used to say “Back to the past, food was gold. You will never have enough food, so you have to appreciate everything you can eat, even that means grass roots, even that means a pinch of salt.” My father maybe told me not to play with my food many times when I was young, but I do remember sometimes he would ignore my waste of food just because I was happy, such as throwing my birthday cake on my cousin’s face. However, it isn’t all right for me when I look back to it. If we want to have less leftover, then we have to start to have the mindset of wasting no food. If we want our children to waste no food, then we have to always make sure they understand the importance of not wasting food. No matter where are we, who are we with, there is no shame of finishing food and not to waste any.

Once I watched a video. A very ordinary middle aged man walked into a dumpling restaurant. He was about to have some dumplings. So he sat down and started to check the menu. Behind him, there was a couple having two big plates of dumplings. They don’t seem like the food very much because they left a lot. The man saw that, he took another pair of clean chopsticks, poured some new sauce on a new plate, and finished them all. The staff from the restaurant have been judging him when the moment he started to eat other people’s leftover. “Look at him, is he a beggar? So cheap! Eating other people’s leftover.” He did not care and still finished everything. After he finished eating, he walked to the reception and paid 100 RMB, for the leftover from other people! A normal plate will be around 15RMB, but he paid 100 RMB. The money shut the people in the restaurant up and taught them a great lesson. If you don’t care about food, it doesn’t mean others don’t. If you don’t want to change, at least don’t judge! Sometimes I am also afraid of people judging me because I eat other people’s leftover. I could not act as calm as the man I saw in the video. But I always pack my leftover in restaurant if I can’t finish it.

LEFT,OVER. shares a spirit of appreciating food and a mindset of wasting no food. No one should play with food. So if you used to play with food or the people around you like to do so, please remind them how precious food is. It is not just about money, it is about an attitude – How you treat food. So I have some kind reminders that you can share with your love ones in order to change their bad habits.

Don’t play with your food!

Don’t need to finish it now, you can do it later.

Don’t worry, we can pack the rest and bring it home.

Don’t think too much, simple, healthy, and leave no leftover!


For the food lovers, I will share the traditional noodle recipe in the next blog. Hope you will like it! Thank you for supporting LEFT,OVER. project. I also hope you have been doing better and better in your daily life. Share some amazing experience with me if you have got any.