Daydream No.5 Be an artist

Everyone was born like a diamond in rough. We all have our talents. That’s what school for, right? A lot of talent shows every year and our parents are always happy to see how talented we are on the stage. Some of us eventually fought the way through and become an artist, but some of us just disappeared in that zone. Talents remind, passions are gone. You know what, I feel sad that my parents never came to one show of mine and never gave a compliment to any of my creative work. However, I feel glad that I remind my passion towards arts until now. It is just in my blood, which can never be erased.

So my daydream today is to become an artist. I wish I don’t need to worry about living, food, or anything else, but 100% concentrate on what I like, such as dancing, singing, painting, acting, etc. I miss the old times as always. No internet, no high-tech products. For many times, I threw away my works or stop dancing because I want to stop doing it for good. And the reason for that is always study or work. But I picked it up again and again. It is like I am addicted in it. I feel good while I am doing it and I don’t feel like to enter the rehab center.

I might not be able to become an artist for my life, but I still have the power to make people impressed about my talents. I remember how shocked my mother was when she heard me singing for the first time when I was 23 years old. She felt regretted that she has been neglecting my talents for years and always pushed me towards to boring industry, such as business, lawyers, etc. Money doesn’t make me happy all the time, but arts, always do. I love to be drowned in it, and it is much better than falling in love.

Now I have problems. I have some nice paintings but no one to share to. Want to have a look of some? Here you are:

Ps: the color is supposed to be golden. Due to the light and the bad quality of my phone camera, it looks a little bit grey and dark.

My paintings reflect my minds in an amazing way. it is another form for me to write my diary. Not in text but in shapes and colors.

Sometimes, I just hope there will be a brilliant agent coming to me and make me into a famous star. But I am happy just being an ordinary girl who has so many hobbies to enjoy. I thought love was everything for me, because I was crazy about this Spanish guy. Now, I say arts is still the best for me. I belong to arts.

Now, I have to wake up, because I need to make  money!

Good night, all my daydreamers! xoxo


Daydream No.4 Travel around the world!

What will you do if you win the lottery? I am glad lots of my friends actually put traveling around world on their lists. Of course, because of the modern communication development, we are not only able to access information from TV,radios or newspapers, but also internet, mobile phones etc. The more we see, the more we want to see. Especially all those stunning places, beautiful people, and delicious food. Sometimes, I really feel just about satisfied by looking at the food from my hometown, Sichuan, China.

Why traveling is so popular? We have to thank for the convenient transportation, many traveling bloggers, agencies, airline companies, and governments. Those are part of the factors made out traveling dream possible or let’s say easier to do. However, I think mind-set is the main factor which has been driving our traveling dreams.

“You only live once.”

“You never know what is going to happen tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow, you might be in heaven.”

“Don’t leave any regret in your life.”

“If you are not gonna do it, you are gonna regret about it.”


“life is short.”


Luckily, we always have so many good friends who helped us build up the traveling dreams. In my case, they somehow made me much close to my traveling dream, because they are everywhere around the world.

I have been to so nice places so far and I share some of my experience on my other social media account such as Google+, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Place 1. New Zealand – Like a heaven for me. I have never been to heaven but I wish heaven will be like that.

Place 2. Spain – I just love the people, the food, the music, the language, and everything. A place full of surprise and always amazed me.

Place 3, France – where I always  respect and adore the elegance and I find myself in an art world.

Place 4, Monaco- Small but full of its attractions. I don’t feel the luxury but the ridiculously expensiveness.

Place 5, China – Where I am from.  It is big and I am planning to nail it slowly.

In the end, when I look at those pictures and remembering how much fun I had while traveling and living in different countries. I completely get  it why people love traveling. We have to be so kind to support the traveling business by paying almost more than 50% of our life savings on that. It seems like we are not smart enough. But actually what we gain from those experience is priceless.

Traveling added more elements to my life and made my life better, especially traveling with mi amor. So I will dedicate my life to complete my traveling dream and see as much the world as I can.

Enjoy your trips if you are traveling,

Enjoy your life if you love traveling,

Enjoy your time daydreaming.


Daydream No.3 Language master

I wish I can become a language master for all languages on this earth!

Language barrier is one of the worst thing on this earth for human being. How many people can not go the place they want to simply because they can’t speak the language? How many people can not understand the beautiful culture of a new nation because they don’t understand the language? How many people are tricked by the agencies or tour guide because they don’t understand the local language.

For me, I love to learn different languages and different cultures, but I can’t spend my whole life on it. I also need to enjoy my life. So a lot times, every time I want to study a new language, I always drop it because something I have to do in my life. I always admire the people who can speak so many languages and they can know so much difference things than others. Their life becomes more colorful and exciting in my eyes. For a late starter like me, even I spend my whole life on learning different languages on this earth, I won’t be able to speak them all.

What is scientist can create something to help u learn more languages faster? Then everybody can become a language master. From the bight side. It will be much easier to communicate for the people who come from different places.  However, for some idiots might think “Now we can not keep the secrets among our people, because more and more people will understand us. We can not gossip the stupid foreigners front of their face any more.”  For those kind of people, I think they are stupid is because they are humiliating their own cultures by do  that. People are equal from anywhere on this planet. There should not be any boundaries to divide us into different people. Sometimes I just enjoy seeing when a group of people were talking bad things front of foreigners and thought they don’t understand “their language”. I still remember once a Dutch customer came to reception and throughout my colleague who was on the shift don’t speak Dutch, and said something rude. My colleague just replied him with a beautiful and native Dutch accent. She said it was so hilarious to see his awkward face.

That is one advantage of knowing a lot of languages, so at least in nowadays, you will have less chance to be bullied by some foreigners. For me, I think someday I will put my efforts on learning the languages I like. I might become a language master. If you are a language master, feel free to share some tips with us how to learn a specific language better. Don’t just tell us the common things like Practice, Practice and Practice. I learned that when I was 3.

So that’s for today’s daydreaming. I am going to learn some new words now.


Daydream No.2 Employee market

As we all know, right now it is the Employer market, meaning the employers are having more control in the labor market. However, the employees will be like the goods on the shelf and waiting to be selected. I have been through the tough time looking for my internship and thesis companies and right now I am facing unemployment problems soon after I graduate from my university. I wish someday the labor market can turn into Employee market. Why it is not happening. Have a look yourself, then you will feel how ridiculous our employers are.

Traditional capitalism drives people crazy and lose their true values. The economy is controlled by human beings not some machines or unknown aliens. No matter is old companies or new start-up ones, they are all trying to find the niche in the market, using all kind of strategies to get the money from the customers’ pocket in a fast pace and in a long-term way. They don’t care about how many young and creative people are freshly educated and ready to contribute to the society. They only care about who can make their system run as soon as possible so they will not waste any cent on waiting for someone to learn! So normally the HR people will make it really difficult for the future candidates. I have been scanned through thousands of job descriptions. The requirements are fascinating. No offence to HR people, but sometimes they work too hard on how to filter out  a lot young but creative people.

  • Job description: a long long stories that makes you understand what is about.
  • About the company: a long long stories to tell you how good they are.
  • Job requirements: a long long list for candidate to figure it out the information above is useless, because I don’t speak more than two languages,; I am not native english speakers, I don’t have more than 3/5/8 years experience in the relevant industry; I am only have bachelor degree; I don’t have a work permit yet.and etc
  • Job benefits: we offer you all the untouchable things, average salaries, and 20 days for yearly holiday.

The management team should really look at all their job descriptions and they will realize how ridiculous it is. Why? Because no one just graduated from university has many years of experience in a specific business or industry. Young people need to have the chance to earn the experience, then when they are 30 years old, they can achieve something they want. How many people have been doing works which are not related to their studies? Until 30 years old, how many of them can actually earn as much as they want. It is the problem everywhere on this earth! Young people have smaller and smaller chance to express themselves to the employers and do what they really want to do. I don’t blame some of the 30ish people who are still miserable and staying with their parents. Some people choose to bend themselves for the employers, but some of them would rather to be wasted. Is that the reasons why all the government try to make people have higher education? The so-called higher education has no value at all.

Unemployment is not caused by economy, but human beings. People start to be spiders and hang on the web all the time. Communicate and judge each other by online media or whatever is on the web. How many people can actually get through the horrible hiring procedures and enter the interview stage? Only few of them. If all the companies are only focusing on earning tons of profit then they are pathetic. Because taking social responsibilities is for show, it should be serious. 21st century capitalism should reflect themselves.  What is the difference between being the best and being the right. The whole society should be connected with each other and care about each other. Be fair! How many crimes the unemployment can cause on this earth. How many people are living a stressful life because of the economic pressure?

Why an employer think they have a higher right to select what they want? Because they are the one who will pay those people. Employers and employees are both human beings. Why would we want to make  our own species to live such a hard life. Back to the old-time, people can get the job with what they learned in the school. Right now what people really need is a chance. A chance to start their career, a chance to learn, a chance to payback what they have sacrificed for the education. In the past, people are more grateful. An employer hired someone knows nothing about the job, but give him/her a chance to learn and after many years, this person contributed great values and had nice working relationship with the employers. This kind of thing won’t happen nowadays. People are driven by the economy. Once they stepped into the capitalism pool, they will lose themselves in most of the cases and can never get out easily.  My family is the live example for me. My aunts, my uncles, my mum, they will never get out of that pool as long as their business ar running.

I am happy I realize some better values in my life rather than focusing on money. Love and friendships are beautiful, families are equally important. I just hope someday employees can have the chance to choose what they really want to do. Or many start from choosing universities. Students don’t have to choose what the economy needs, or the society needs, but what they really like and what they are really born for.

A very nice book to recommend is  Capital in the Twenty-first century from Thomas Piketty. It was recommended by my teacher when I was studying in France. I would say this book give any solutions for the problem the author mentioned, but it makes people to think differently with the Capital situation for nowadays. It is a giant project if we want to reach the best balance in our economy. However, there is something we can start right away. A more creative, various, fair, open-minded way of hiring people; a better company value, a better employment situation can already make a big difference to our society.

As a communication professional, I will must have to  serve for some employers for their greedy needs until I can finally work under my own ethical codes. I don’t want to manipulate people’s mind, but I want to communication with them. I recommend reasonable shopping, but not blind following trends. There are more important messages we should communicate with the customers and the whole public, why choose the ones that has the least value.

I daydream about it all the time, but I don’t know when will it come true. Before that happen, I would like to stick with my own principles and do what I can do and believe in what I believe – Money is not everything!

Daydream No.1-Teleportation

I left home for college since I was 18, and I think most of the people have the same situation as me. For years that I have been traveling a lot. Sometimes, I just hope teleportation is really possible right now. I hate to be aparted from my family and my love. I wish I can see them anytime I want to.

My grandma has been really sick, and she is having cancer. I only had 5 days with her then I had to leave because of my study. What if some machine can teleport me back home, so I can see my grandma anytime I want. It will be hard for you to understand everyday subconsciously thinking about her and dream about her after I left home, in the meanwhile I still have to live my life. So I can only daydream that teleportation is possible.

However, if teleportation is possible, bad people can use it to do a lot of horrible things. Is that why the teleportation is only possible in the movies but will never happen in real life. Who cares! Someday when people are smart enough, a group of criminals might make the teleportation possible.

I daydreams a lot what if teleportation is possible. For the record, I am that kind of person hates to read news everyday, because my head feels like exploding if I do that. It is just  a world with overloaded information. Imagine that you have to come across more than hundreds or thousands commercials in one day and plus all the news. Sometimes human brains are unbelievably tough! The brains can filt, store, delete whatever we perceive in the daily life.

Anyway back to my teleportation topic.So I went on internet today and typed teleport. Well the results are fascinating as  always. One website I found it is interesting Teleport . For some reasons, it can help some daydreams to move from one city to another desirable city faster by searching for the best options based on personal preferences.

So it started from one of my daydreams, and now part of it can become true. If I want to move to a new ideal city faster, at least I have Teleport to use. I still hope the teleportation will become possible in real life soon, because I think a lot of people need it in a good way.

Feel free to add your thoughts about teleportation in the comment.

Have you daydreamed today?