Rules for good daydreamers

Everybody can be a daydream, but not everyone can be a good daydreamer.

There are certain rules in Bonita’s World in order to become a good day dreamer!

Rule No.1 Think crazily, as crazy as you can, but please don’t break the laws, rules or hurt people. If you want to , then please leave me out of it.

Rule No.2 Don’t be afraid to be straightforward! Sometimes a little bit critical ideas can help daydreams become true, but mostly it is not the only reason.

Rule No.3 No one is stupid in Bonita’s World! “Only the stupid people think people are stupid.” So say whatever it is in your daydreams and say it loud!

Rule No.4 There are buttonlines. This is a world for helping good daydreamers to achieve their dreams, but not some place for making jokes! Well, acceptable jokes are welcome. If you are smart enough, you will know the standards.

Rule No.5 A good daydreams want to make impossible into possible. I am pointing at the positive side but not the disgusting part or criminal minds.

Rule No.6 Trust yourself, your are not just a daydreamer, but you can also make a difference in the world. The real world is cruel, that’s how the daydreamers were born.

Rule No.7 Daydream whatever you want, but do whatever you have to! In Bonita’s world, you can share any crazy ideas and possibly you will have support from others. Someday they might become true. But before that happens, do what you need to do.

Rule No.8 Support and help each other. People normally don’t do it often nowadays. At least in Bonita’s world, please keep those beautiful qualities in human being.

If you can obey all the abovementioned rules, you may  join Bonita’s World. There might be some new rules coming up. but for the moment, my human brain can only came up with those rules. You don’t necessarily have to join and you can just be a  passenger.

Like our ideas if you have time!

Share our ideas if you think it is good!

Help our ideas if you can!