Chapter 3 – LEFT,OVER. – Here comes the secret! How to spend your money wisely today!

Part of the goals of LEFT,OVER. Project is to share my personal secrets of how to save money while doing grocery shopping. It is not simple, because I have to make sure I can have enough energy but not to spoil my stomach too much. We know that there is a trick is called marketing, so it comes to challenge when you enter the supermarket. Honestly, home brands, big brands, bio food, or whatever it is in your mind, cut it off, because they are all safe and some homebrands are pretty good.

Let’s have a look, what I have got today from near by Albert Heijn.

  • Albert Heijn vol melk 1 liter (Full milk) €0, 97
  • Albert Heijn knackebr (Crackers) €0, 71
  • Albert Heijn KR Muesli (with nuts) €1, 97
  • Sweet Corn €0, 55
  • Grillworst €0,95
  • Spruiten €0, 99 (AH mix, 2 voor €1,00)
  • Courgette €0, 55 (AH mix, 2 voor €1,00)
  • Albert Heijn Schouderham €1,05
  • Albert Heijn smeerkaas €0,59
  • Albert Heijn Cranberry Pâté €0,97

Total costs: €8,76

So what can I do with those things I bought. Here is what I can do:

Breakfast options: melk with Muesli/ Crackers with smeer kaas, Schouderham or Pâté (I still have some apples, which is also AH mix promotion.I am going to combine them so my breakfast will have some fruits.)It will be plenty enough for four days breakfast.

Lunch/dinner options: Spruiten and Grill worst, with some onions and garlic, salt and black pepper, some lime juice, together with some couscous or pasta, I can cook two days lunch and dinner out them. Another two days, I can mix Courgette with some leftover Schouderham and fried them with sweet corn. Eat with some homemade bread/potatoes/ rice/ whatever I have got.

In case, I am hungry, I always have some crackers as snacks. I also like to eat greek yogurt with honey. It is good for your stomach because it creates natural protection layer for the stomach and also help digestion.

That’s basically what I am going to eat for the coming four days. I will do another shopping when my food is completely finished.

There is still some budget left if I want to buy something for the week. If I can control myself pretty good those four days. I might get some nice desserts or a big pizza later on this week.(Just feel like eating it, because it is been a while.)

7 days 20 euros is possible. For me, because I do need to save money for my future study. For some people, it might not be so important to save money. As long as you make sure you eat everything you buy but not throwing them away, it also helps us save some leftovers.

The whole meaning of this project is definitely not telling how to do grocery shopping, but putting myself as a public example. It is to show you how to control your food budget but still keep you full; cook  a little bit more so you eat less microwave food; plan ahead so you throw less food away.

Sometimes I also try good brands or bio food, just try to tell if there is a difference. But when I don’t feel the big difference, I will go back to the home brands which can save me some money.

Today is just a small shopping. As an example, it showed you that it is possible to arrange the money wisely but still keep myself happy. Later on, I will provide more tips for students, starters, or even households on how to shop wisely. In the meanwhile, I will also add more ideas for cooking some nice, fast but relevantly healthy food for different groups. If you like, you can also follow my shopping list and recipes, so you will eat healthier and save money too!

I am living in The Netherlands, Amsterdam, so most of the local prices are from here. If you are living in other countries, it might varies from countries to countries. If you need me to adjust my advice for your needs, you can also leave a comment.

Thank you for reading! Enjoy your weekend!




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I studied communication in The Netherlands, and I would like to share some ideas through writing this blog.

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