Daydream No.5 Be an artist

Everyone was born like a diamond in rough. We all have our talents. That’s what school for, right? A lot of talent shows every year and our parents are always happy to see how talented we are on the stage. Some of us eventually fought the way through and become an artist, but some of us just disappeared in that zone. Talents remind, passions are gone. You know what, I feel sad that my parents never came to one show of mine and never gave a compliment to any of my creative work. However, I feel glad that I remind my passion towards arts until now. It is just in my blood, which can never be erased.

So my daydream today is to become an artist. I wish I don’t need to worry about living, food, or anything else, but 100% concentrate on what I like, such as dancing, singing, painting, acting, etc. I miss the old times as always. No internet, no high-tech products. For many times, I threw away my works or stop dancing because I want to stop doing it for good. And the reason for that is always study or work. But I picked it up again and again. It is like I am addicted in it. I feel good while I am doing it and I don’t feel like to enter the rehab center.

I might not be able to become an artist for my life, but I still have the power to make people impressed about my talents. I remember how shocked my mother was when she heard me singing for the first time when I was 23 years old. She felt regretted that she has been neglecting my talents for years and always pushed me towards to boring industry, such as business, lawyers, etc. Money doesn’t make me happy all the time, but arts, always do. I love to be drowned in it, and it is much better than falling in love.

Now I have problems. I have some nice paintings but no one to share to. Want to have a look of some? Here you are:

Ps: the color is supposed to be golden. Due to the light and the bad quality of my phone camera, it looks a little bit grey and dark.

My paintings reflect my minds in an amazing way. it is another form for me to write my diary. Not in text but in shapes and colors.

Sometimes, I just hope there will be a brilliant agent coming to me and make me into a famous star. But I am happy just being an ordinary girl who has so many hobbies to enjoy. I thought love was everything for me, because I was crazy about this Spanish guy. Now, I say arts is still the best for me. I belong to arts.

Now, I have to wake up, because I need to make  money!

Good night, all my daydreamers! xoxo


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I studied communication in The Netherlands, and I would like to share some ideas through writing this blog.

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