Daydream No.4 Travel around the world!

What will you do if you win the lottery? I am glad lots of my friends actually put traveling around world on their lists. Of course, because of the modern communication development, we are not only able to access information from TV,radios or newspapers, but also internet, mobile phones etc. The more we see, the more we want to see. Especially all those stunning places, beautiful people, and delicious food. Sometimes, I really feel just about satisfied by looking at the food from my hometown, Sichuan, China.

Why traveling is so popular? We have to thank for the convenient transportation, many traveling bloggers, agencies, airline companies, and governments. Those are part of the factors made out traveling dream possible or let’s say easier to do. However, I think mind-set is the main factor which has been driving our traveling dreams.

“You only live once.”

“You never know what is going to happen tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow, you might be in heaven.”

“Don’t leave any regret in your life.”

“If you are not gonna do it, you are gonna regret about it.”


“life is short.”


Luckily, we always have so many good friends who helped us build up the traveling dreams. In my case, they somehow made me much close to my traveling dream, because they are everywhere around the world.

I have been to so nice places so far and I share some of my experience on my other social media account such as Google+, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Place 1. New Zealand – Like a heaven for me. I have never been to heaven but I wish heaven will be like that.

Place 2. Spain – I just love the people, the food, the music, the language, and everything. A place full of surprise and always amazed me.

Place 3, France – where I always  respect and adore the elegance and I find myself in an art world.

Place 4, Monaco- Small but full of its attractions. I don’t feel the luxury but the ridiculously expensiveness.

Place 5, China – Where I am from.  It is big and I am planning to nail it slowly.

In the end, when I look at those pictures and remembering how much fun I had while traveling and living in different countries. I completely get  it why people love traveling. We have to be so kind to support the traveling business by paying almost more than 50% of our life savings on that. It seems like we are not smart enough. But actually what we gain from those experience is priceless.

Traveling added more elements to my life and made my life better, especially traveling with mi amor. So I will dedicate my life to complete my traveling dream and see as much the world as I can.

Enjoy your trips if you are traveling,

Enjoy your life if you love traveling,

Enjoy your time daydreaming.