Daydream No.3 Language master

I wish I can become a language master for all languages on this earth!

Language barrier is one of the worst thing on this earth for human being. How many people can not go the place they want to simply because they can’t speak the language? How many people can not understand the beautiful culture of a new nation because they don’t understand the language? How many people are tricked by the agencies or tour guide because they don’t understand the local language.

For me, I love to learn different languages and different cultures, but I can’t spend my whole life on it. I also need to enjoy my life. So a lot times, every time I want to study a new language, I always drop it because something I have to do in my life. I always admire the people who can speak so many languages and they can know so much difference things than others. Their life becomes more colorful and exciting in my eyes. For a late starter like me, even I spend my whole life on learning different languages on this earth, I won’t be able to speak them all.

What is scientist can create something to help u learn more languages faster? Then everybody can become a language master. From the bight side. It will be much easier to communicate for the people who come from different places.  However, for some idiots might think “Now we can not keep the secrets among our people, because more and more people will understand us. We can not gossip the stupid foreigners front of their face any more.”  For those kind of people, I think they are stupid is because they are humiliating their own cultures by do  that. People are equal from anywhere on this planet. There should not be any boundaries to divide us into different people. Sometimes I just enjoy seeing when a group of people were talking bad things front of foreigners and thought they don’t understand “their language”. I still remember once a Dutch customer came to reception and throughout my colleague who was on the shift don’t speak Dutch, and said something rude. My colleague just replied him with a beautiful and native Dutch accent. She said it was so hilarious to see his awkward face.

That is one advantage of knowing a lot of languages, so at least in nowadays, you will have less chance to be bullied by some foreigners. For me, I think someday I will put my efforts on learning the languages I like. I might become a language master. If you are a language master, feel free to share some tips with us how to learn a specific language better. Don’t just tell us the common things like Practice, Practice and Practice. I learned that when I was 3.

So that’s for today’s daydreaming. I am going to learn some new words now.



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I studied communication in The Netherlands, and I would like to share some ideas through writing this blog.

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