Daydream No.1-Teleportation

I left home for college since I was 18, and I think most of the people have the same situation as me. For years that I have been traveling a lot. Sometimes, I just hope teleportation is really possible right now. I hate to be aparted from my family and my love. I wish I can see them anytime I want to.

My grandma has been really sick, and she is having cancer. I only had 5 days with her then I had to leave because of my study. What if some machine can teleport me back home, so I can see my grandma anytime I want. It will be hard for you to understand everyday subconsciously thinking about her and dream about her after I left home, in the meanwhile I still have to live my life. So I can only daydream that teleportation is possible.

However, if teleportation is possible, bad people can use it to do a lot of horrible things. Is that why the teleportation is only possible in the movies but will never happen in real life. Who cares! Someday when people are smart enough, a group of criminals might make the teleportation possible.

I daydreams a lot what if teleportation is possible. For the record, I am that kind of person hates to read news everyday, because my head feels like exploding if I do that. It is just  a world with overloaded information. Imagine that you have to come across more than hundreds or thousands commercials in one day and plus all the news. Sometimes human brains are unbelievably tough! The brains can filt, store, delete whatever we perceive in the daily life.

Anyway back to my teleportation topic.So I went on internet today and typed teleport. Well the results are fascinating as  always. One website I found it is interesting Teleport . For some reasons, it can help some daydreams to move from one city to another desirable city faster by searching for the best options based on personal preferences.

So it started from one of my daydreams, and now part of it can become true. If I want to move to a new ideal city faster, at least I have Teleport to use. I still hope the teleportation will become possible in real life soon, because I think a lot of people need it in a good way.

Feel free to add your thoughts about teleportation in the comment.

Have you daydreamed today?


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I studied communication in The Netherlands, and I would like to share some ideas through writing this blog.

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